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When a severe weather event hits, it’s like a wrecking ball for your property. The last thing you want to deal with is untrustworthy Storm Damage Roof Repair contractors that create added stress and chaos without actually fixing the problem. That’s why so many homeowners in Orlando trust Gravity Roofing for Storm Damage Roof Repair in Orlando, FL following a storm. Whether it’s hurricanes, tornados, high winds, or hail, their experienced field teams are ready to take charge and handle the repair job quickly and efficiently. That peace of mind can be priceless when you need storm damage repair – the team you can count on is the one at Gravity Roofing in Orlando.
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Storm Damage Roofing Contractor Orlando, FL

The stormy weather may have wreaked havoc on your home, leaving you with damaged roofs and siding that are in desperate need of emergency roof repair orlando. Don’t despair just yet – Gravity Roofing is here to come to the rescue!  We are one of the most trusted Storm Damage Roofing Contractors in Orlando, FL. We have insurance claim experts ready and willing to take stock of all the damage and fight for your rights when dealing with insurance claims. So when it comes time to get your place looking good as new again, make sure you give us a ring!

Florida may be known for its sunshine, but anyone living in the state can attest to the fact that it also experiences some of the most severe weather of any state in the country. From strong winds and heavy rain to even hurricanes, living here sometimes feels like a roller coaster ride. That’s why locals all know that when storm damage roofing problems occur, Gravity Roofing is prepared to step up and help get your home back on track. From taking care of your roof, siding, and exteriors to ensure your property is secure – you won’t have to worry about speculating or storm-chasing roofing companies trying to take advantage of a bad situation because we are local storm damage roof repair expert in Orlando, FL who have your best interests at heart.

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Types of Storm Damage Roof Repair in Orlando, FL


At Gravity Roofing, we provide storm damage roof repair services in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas of Florida. We’re experts in all types of weather damage, including:

Wind Damage: Strong winds can wreak havoc on your roof, putting your home at risk of extensive damage. Don’t let high winds compromise the integrity of your shingles or cause them to detach from your roof. While older roofs are particularly vulnerable to wind damage, improper installation can also make your roof susceptible to gusts of wind. Take action now to safeguard your home from the next storm.

Hail Damage: When the sky unleashes hail, your roof could be in serious trouble. Even if you don’t see any visible damage, those sneaky dings and holes left by the icy onslaught could slowly erode your roof’s strength over time. Don’t underestimate the potential harm –  if left unchecked, those seemingly harmless blemishes could turn into hefty issues after a few storms.

Rain Damage: Don’t let rain wreak havoc on your home! Unfortunately, rain damage is one of the most prevalent types of storm damage to your roof. The consequences of neglecting your roof can be dire – from pesky leaks to dangerous mold growth. Save yourself the headache and ensure your roof is in top shape – especially if it’s been awhile since it’s been serviced.

Snow Damage: The heavy weight of snow on your roof puts strain on your home’s structure, leading to cracks and sagging. When the snow melts, it can refreeze, causing ice dams and icicles that block proper drainage and lead to even more damage. Don’t let winter wonderland turn into winter havoc – take action to protect your home before the snow starts falling.

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Yrad Torres
Yrad Torres
Amazing company came out and was able to fix the issue the same day! Great customer service if you’re looking for a reliable and professional company, do not hesitate to go with Gravity Roofing
Michael Carson
Michael Carson
Justin was great up front and until the contract was executed with answering all of my many questions. While I ran into some scheduling and communication delays, the staff did their best to address the delays and make things right later on. I got my flat roof re-done with a slight pitch added, as previously there was pooling water and a leak in my garage. Since getting it redone, I have not noticed any leaks in the garage despite their being some heavy rain recently.
Extreme Concrete Cleaning
Extreme Concrete Cleaning
The guys did a nice job, cleaned up behind themselves and showed up when they said they would.
Art Almeida
Art Almeida
So far one of the most professional associates I've met, unfortunately I am not able to go with them but, they were an excellent guide thru the process.
jay dunn
jay dunn
Taz and his team were very easy to work with, and communication was open and easy. We reviewed three different companies, and after meeting with Taz, it was easy to go with Gravity for our roofing needs!
Paola Agudelo
Paola Agudelo
I worked with Justin when it came to having a new roof put on my sellers home. All I have to say is I’m impressed ! Communication is a HUGE deal with me and Justin’s communication was exactly what I would have hoped for. He kept me in the loop of the whole process, made everything super easy for my clients, and sent me pictures as soon as everything was completed (which took no time at all. ) I was very pleased with this roofing company. Finding out you have to purchase a whole new roof can be very stressful… but honestly this company made everything SO much less complicated thank you thank you thank you!
Sean Bevington
Sean Bevington
Taz, the owner, was very responsive and professional. Showed up when he promised he would and communicated throughout the quoting process. He genuinely cares about his companies' quality and wants the business. I recommend calling Gravity if you are looking to get your roof replaced in Orlando. Fair price, open communication, and professional company.
Amy King
Amy King
A friend referred me to Gravity Roofing and I give them an A+! The owner Taz was quite informative, professional and gave us his undivided attention. He was very personable and patient with all of our questions and concerns. Their pricing was reasonable (not the least expensive that we looked at) and worth every penny. They were prompt on the day of installation and finished in one day! I definitely would recommend this company over anyone else.

Gravity Roofing

Storm Damage Roofing Company

At Gravity Roofing, we understand how unsettling the thought of a big storm hitting your home can be, but you don’t have to weather the storm alone! We’re here to help you prepare your home and make sure all your bases are covered before disaster even strikes. Our roofing contractors have years of experience and specialize in taking care of all kinds of roof damage repair and restoration services in Orlando, FL. Whether it’s high wind, precipitation or intense hurricanes that threaten your property – they’ve got you covered. There’s no better way to get ready for a worst-case scenario than knowing that your home is already fortified against whatever Mother Nature throws at it!